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( N.I.C.E.)

Welcome to the NICE website. Our intentions are to display the many activities of our local clown alley that continue throughout the year. We hope that you, as a Nettles Island resident, will be encouraged to look into the possibility of becoming a member.

To do that, you must attend Clown College here on the island for about two months once a week. In addition to getting help in choosing a clown character, you will learn how to design a costume, learn to apply makeup in a professional manner, learn some of the tricks in being a successful entertainer, and learn about the history and rules of good clown conduct. You will graduate just in time for participating in the Nettles Island Spring Festival, your first public appearance.

You will also learn the gratification of cheering up someone that needs it, bringing a smile to their face. While our clowns spread sunshine everywhere, the fact is they have more fun than anyone in doing it.

You will also find that once you begin your journey into clowndom, you will find that all of our existing members will be anxious to help you. You will not be asked to do this alone.


PRESIDENT ————Bill Howard

VICE PRESIDENT —-Debbie Howard

SECRETARY————Kathy Summers

TREASURER ——— -Pat Schaefer