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Nettles Island Watercolor Club has no charge for anyone who joins the club.

If you want to join in on the fun the meeting dates are Thursdays from 9 am to 12 pm in the main room of the Rec Hall.  It starts on October 27, 2022.  Please check the printed schedule each week at the Rec Hall.

This coming year Marge Pavich has offered to teach the class from January to March 2023.

Please bring the following supplies: 

  1.  3 watercolor brushes: sizes 1; 6 and 10.  You might want others  sizes later on.
  2. 3 tubes of watercolor paint: I use Windsor Newton: Ultramarine Blue; Alizerin Crimson and Lemon Yellow (make sure there is no nichel titanate in  the lemon yellow since it will not make green when mixed with the blue).
  3. I use Arches 140 weight paper cold press. When I was learning I used a cheaper priced paper like Strathmore.
  4. A roll of painters’ tape.
  5. I bring a plastic bag to put under my art work to protect the tables in the Rec Hall.
  6. Heavy cardboard or a piece of Masonite or plexiglass to adhere your watercolor drawing to.
  7. 2 small containers for your water. I use cleaned old small cottage cheese containers.
  8. A pencil and a gum eraser.
  9. There are paper towels in the kitchen area or you can bring some from home. Also you might want tissue paper (Kleenex) or toilet paper for making clouds


Some club members prefer to work on their own and others will or can participate with an instructor that will be here January to March 2023.

When cleaning up please use the two small sinks in the kitchen area.  The larger one is for food prep etc.

When leaving please be sure to clean your area.

It is a fun class and I hope you can attend.


Rosalind (Roz) Morrison

Watercolor Club President