President:  Karen Amadon

Vice-President: Marcia Zenk

Secretary: Marion Lloyd

Treasurer: Gloria Pulley

Co-Managers - Sally Shannon - Tuesday

                                                Marsha Benedict - Thursday

Chair Person - Ellie Johnson


We have four teams on each day

Tuesday teams

  1. Haley’s comets

Captain Diane Shank

Judy Murphy

Gloria Pulley

Carolyn Tobin

  1. Big Dippers

Captain Sally Shannon

Sandy Dworkin

Marion Wiznewski

Alice Fieldhouse

  1. Little Dippers

Captain Ellie Johnson

Frances Kennedy

Lois Staples

Donna Ward

  1. Milky Ways

Captain Joan Dumais

Ursula Charest

Marlynn Stott

June Siffrar

Thursday’s teams

  1. Moon Beams

Captain Lilli Couch

Nancy Bellavance

Ruth Etter

Gloria Hulst

  1. Northern Lights

Captain Marsha Benedict

Marion Lloyd

Bev Peterson

Marcia Zenk

  1. Galaxies

Captain Ellie Johnson

Betty Berth

Kathy Porter

Madeline Coe

  1. Stars

Captain Donna Hamblin

Anne Hall

Gail Leckey

Mary Lamer

Our meetings are January 17, February 14, and March 21 at noon on the back porch Our Luncheons are January 14, February 11, March 11 and our Annual Banquet is April 4. The luncheons are at 12:30, all on Monday except the annual banquet.

We have 31 playing members, 14 substitute members, 5 associate members and 2 members on leave of absence this season.

We are a very active group of ladies. Come by on Tuesdays or Thursday’s and see us play at 9:00 AM. We play 3 games each day until we have winners.