The Men's Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday's each month

and hosts a Beer Bust (purchased by members only) once a month.

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NIWH Men's Club for February 2016

January 18, 2016 Returning after 9 months-a familiar number-and will be marked in the minutes as, "present."  Tubular steaks were served after the meeting along with one's favorite beverage. Catching up on past, present and upcoming events, and those who volunteered to produce them.

This, and more, all happened:


Wayne Thomas took over the beer thing and is looking for bartenders. Tony (does that mean he's longer, Tony the Beer man?) has retired...again. But, stands in the background ready to jump into the breach with reckless abandon if needed or any faltering is noted.

Marshall Thomas, Tom Forkan and Mike Gangi ran the 11-2-15 beer bust. 250 tickets sold. No further $$$ results at this time.  Although, all three are still on the island, so that's a good sign.


The John Miller and Charlie Couch the 12-7-15 beer bust squeezed out a profit of $73.60. Did they forget Marketing 101?   

December 31 New Years dance by Jim Vitale and Harry Kapple was sold out. NFI *                                                                     

January 4, beer bust with Jerry Many Ron Butschillinger, Wes Wiggers. NFI *

January 8 Las Vegas night by head croupier Bruce Peterson assisted by Bill Smi-ladies had free admission. Also, free beer and wine. NFI *

January16. Chicken dance Tony Scribona and Chuck Bellefleur sold 70 tickets.  NFI *

All in all we added to Men's Club purse and we also gave away a lot of money to various causes.



It's gonna happen soon.


Jerry Many and Ron Butschillinger appointed co-chairs for Appreciation Picnic.  More later.

Ken (I wanna be a jockey) McFadden and Jerry Cohen (who doesn't) will do horse races on the 29th


Rich Vargo and Greg Skeeter Heydinger co-chairs for the 2-1-61 beer bust.


Valentine Dance (Dress up guys) presented by Bill Jirkovwsky and  Mike Miller                                                                                                                                     on the 13th. is officially SOLD OUT.  Procrastinators, no ticket? Now you're in trouble.

*NFI-No Further Information.

                A Personal note:  While writing this missive, N.I. was shocked to learn that, Tom Bellavance,

              a  friend to all who knew him, had suffered a massive heart attack at home and died in the  

              hospital.  He is missed already. But, his plantings and beautifying landscaping will live on

              as a reminder that he was here.  Rest in peace Tom.


                When a  friend or loved one passes, nothing is ever the same...not ever.

jim Grant

Hominum clava scriptor

January 23, 2016

                     Nettles Island Men's Club Officers


Office              Name                         Lot      Telephone

President         Dick Bellavance           978    229 3017                    

1st VP             Jim       Vitale              448     229 8756

2nd VP           Wally Jones                 1021    229 8308

Secretary         Ken Erickson              30     229 5417

Treasurer        Bruce Peterson            406    233 1577