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Dictionary:  Crapshoot (noun) {'kraep.surt} a matter of chance or risk.

Example:  Plan a Fish Fry a year in advance.


Someone, closely connected to the Fish Fry, somehow ticked off the gods. They retaliated by causing a storm covering the entire east coast, Florida to Maine, on our Fish Fry date. That, is really ticked off! Really?  The whole east coast?  Who did what?


The horrendous rain storm that threatened the Fish Fry on the 22nd fits, the definition above.  But, early in the morning the storm was taken into consideration and Karen planned ahead. We used the hall in the Club House to replace The Veterans Circle venue.  Slick, huh?


Our thanks to the condo staff for stetting up the chairs and tables on such short notice.


There's an old adage, if you want to do something, you must do something else first. So, provisions had to be made for deep-frying the fish.  That meant setting up the tent to protect the stoves from the rain.  This was accomplished by guys, all supervisors, who tend to ignore written instructions...because they just know! The setting up, then down, then up again was worthy of a Mack Sennett movie.  


All participants took it in N.I. stride. Some, used to staking out their section of the Veterans Circle for themselves and selected friends, found themselves seated at a table with...gulp..."total strangers!"  And behold, ended the night having new friends.  That's a good thing.  .


Finally, under the tutelage of Karen Jordan, Wally Jones, et omnes, considering the ad hoc arrangements, the Fish Fry should be deemed a success. And, a good time was had by all 485.


Ah, 7 AM Saturday fishing contest.  Eyes barely open, I hit the beach, rod in one hand, bait in the other. The gods still in the throes of the tantrum. Contest mercifully postponed.  Went home.  The bride kept the bed warm.  Crawled under the covers and took a nap.  Suddenly, I woke up! It was all a dream. I never went to the beach, but by then, it was too late to go.


God, I just love a happy ending.


jim Grant

Notario de piscibus clava

February 2016